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Miljø & Ressourcer

Biomimetics and the Case for Natural Innovation

Excerpt from the members' report Crumbling Pillars: Four Threats to the Global Status Quo. The excerpt is part of chapter four of the report, which examines accelerating environmental change and asks the question how we price nature.

18. november 2019 Arrow
Miljø & Ressourcer

Planned Obsolescence ‒ a Bug in the System

As a business practice, planned obsolescence is more than just an annoyance for consumers. It is also at odds with a sustainable future.

14. november 2019 Arrow
Byer, Byliv & Mobilitet

Is your city or store a valuable meeting place?

03. oktober 2019 Arrow
Kultur & Ideer

The Mystery of the Number 1/137

The universe holds many mysteries. One of them is a number that nobody can really explain, though many have tried.

26. september 2019 Arrow
Kultur & Ideer

The Logic of Art

Art is art. If it is reduced to entertainment in the name of the Experience Economy it will become insignificant and reduced to simulacra – to copies of copies. Therefore, the logic of art must be kept separate from that of business. Editorial from SCENARIO 3/2019.

20. august 2019 Arrow
Kultur & Ideer

Interview: Jared Diamond

The latest book from Pulitzer Prize winning author Jared Diamond – Upheaval: How Nations Cope with Crisis and Change – presents a litmus test for a nation state in political crisis and its subsequent survival. With an ambitious scope and vast scale, the book looks at world history over the last three centuries and predicts future threats against our planet and humanity. We interviewed Diamond in his publisher's office in London.

07. august 2019 Arrow

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