Future of Nordic Media 2030

This is a call to action to redesign the role of media in society.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is establishing a think tank, “Future of Nordic Media 2030”, to explore how actors within the media landscape can shape the future role of media for the betterment of society, responsibly, and sustainably.

The think tank is gathering Nordic media professionals across industries in order to develop a new agenda for the direction of the media landscape towards 2030.

Why now?

The traditional media industry is in crisis!

In our recent member report Future Media from 2019 (see link below), we addressed some of the significant megatrends affecting the media industry of the future, with three major areas challenging the role of media: the shift from broadcasted to networked truth, growing media polarisation, and declining public trust in media.

With the octopus-like development of players like Google, Facebook, and Amazon from the US, and Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba from China, the media landscape is changing. These non-traditional media players are part of shaping a new media reality.

Increasingly, we are getting our news through social media platforms, and often this news is created and shared by the citizens. In today’s world, the media landscape is increasingly being facilitated and controlled by the horisontalisation of technological platform services and the use of AI. This is unlikely to change: It is estimated that by 2022, most individuals in mature economies will consume more false information than true information. Public and commercial media providers no longer have a monopoly over the production and sharing of media content. Non-traditional media players, often tech players, have redefined what it means to create and consume media. The ecosystem has grown to include 4.3 billion internet users who have become both producers and distributors of media content.

There is an urgent need for accountability from all actors in the media industry to build a long-term vision underpinning the interdependence between the media industry and society.

It is time to create a 3rd way of media by redefining the role and responsibilities of the media industry in the Nordic countries. Where are we heading, how can media stay resilient to the post-truth phenomenon, and could responsible cooperation across the industry be the answer?

What's in it for you?

Get exclusive access and be part of a movement

As part of the think tank you will get a platform to position your organisation as a Thought Leader in the Nordic and European media industry. Your organisation will be listed as a participant, reviewer, and contributor to the process, including in the final output on the Future of the Nordic Media Landscape.

The think tank will lay the foundation for a set of guiding principles based on Nordic values and build upon a common terminology for shaping future of the media industry. The goal is to impact the Nordic media landscape by creating synergistic solutions across the industry and region as early building blocks for a new Responsible Nordic Media Index that focuses on aspects like transparency, the use of AI, Computer Generated Content, and data collection policy.

As part of the think tank you will also get access to:

  • Strategic tools and facilitation to work with megatrends and future scenarios to assist with long-term decision making.
  • Insights into the future media landscape and how to stay relevant in a digital and complex reality.
  • Networking and collaboration across the media industry with both public, private, and commercial stakeholders.
  • Best and next practices for media companies.

What will be on the agenda?

Examples of areas the think tank aims to address

  • The relevance and role of media in the future
  • Trust, truth, and transparency in media
  • The effect of media convergence on the future media landscape
  • Media literacy in the future (starting today)
  • Consumer needs and demands in 2030
  • The role of AI – biases, ethics, and the battle of technologies
  • Quality journalism in the new media landscape
  • Robot journalism and CGC (computer generated content)
  • New guidelines for responsible media
  • And much more…

Who should take part?

We welcome organisations from across the Nordic Media Industry

The think tank consists of actors from the Nordic media industry and leading media institutions with the aim to join forces and take responsibility of the direction in which Nordic Media is headed. Participant diversity is an essential aspect of this think tank.

When & where?

Starting spring/summer 2020.

Workshops and networking events will be held in capitals across the Nordic region.



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