Center for Future Driven Sports and Entertainment Innovation

Working strategically with the future of sports and entertainment

The Center for Future Driven Sports Innovation is a gathering of visionary organizations and companies working together to explore the future of the sports industry.

The landscape around the sports industry is changing. These changes apply to both the rules of the individual sport with new technological opportunities, but they also apply to the organization and ecosystem around the sports industry that is in great need to adapt to the increasing complexity.

This is a result of many dynamics in society - not just the technological and digital opportunities - but also demographics, globalization and individualization, that are creating new expectations to experiences, services and performances. These megatrends are fundamental trends that shape society and markets over the long-term and represent our assumed knowledge about the probable future. They affect every aspect of society - including the sports landscape. At the Center for Future Driven Sports Innovation we look at megatrends from a 360-degree perspective on the future of the sports industry and how to incorporate that knowledge when working with innovation.

By looking at the drivers and blockers that are changing the strategic environment in sports we explorer and help companies and organizations to be prepared for the future - locally and globally.

The Center for Future Driven Sports Innovation is an ecosystem for stakeholders who want to get a head start working strategically with future insights and uncertainties in the sports industry.

We focus on 5 key knowledge areas in future sports.

1. Play Sport  Athlete & Team Performance

2. Watch Sport - Stadium Experiences

3. Support Sport - Fan, Sponsor & Partner Engagement

4. Be Sport - Health, Wellness & Fitness

5. Educate Sport - Learning & Transmission of Knowledge

As part of the Center for Future Driven Sports Innovation you will get access to:

  • Strategic tools and facilitation on how to work with megatrends and future scenarios to assist with long-term decision making in the sports sector.
  • Insights into the future sports landscape and how to stay relevant in a digital and complex tomorrow.
  • Networking and collaboration across the sports industry with public, private, and commercial stakeholders.
  • Best, next and future practices for sports companies.

Want to know more?

If your company or organisation wants to know more about the requirements to work together with us, the cost, feel free to reach out to us!



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