Future studies as a tool in strategic risk management

Following your participation in the course, you will be equipped with tools and structured processes to ensure that risk management is not limited to known operational and market risks, but also addresses longer term emerging strategic threats.

Traditional risk management is often operational in nature, focusing on safeguarding an organisation from immediate or short-term risks that can be easily identified and quantified. While such risks should not to be underestimated, they rarely paint the full picture of relevant strategic threats that a company or organisation may face over the medium- to long-term future. The result is that critical strategic risks are often insufficiently addressed and land in the vacuum between the risk and strategy teams.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (“CIFS”) is a offering this emerging strategic risk management course to provide a structured methodology for organizations to look beyond the operational time horizon in order to identify and monitor emerging strategic risks and related opportunities – thereby enabling a future- proofing mindset in your organisation.

The course is a full-day programme covering:

  • A methodological application of megatrends and sector trends in strategic risk management
  • Assessing the severity and implications of selected trends
  • Creating a risk/opportunity radar
  • Linking risk and strategy

Following your participation in the course, you will…

…be equipped with tools and structured processes to ensure that risk management is not limited to known operational and market risks, but also addresses longer term emerging strategic threats. The course enables you to perform a wide 360-degree horizon scan for relevant future trends and apply a structured approach to assessing their potential implications for your organisation. Identifying such emerging risks in advance, provides a chance to better mitigate them, potentially harvest the opportunities arising from evolving trends and establish leading indicators to monitor their development. This also enables the risk team to become a valuable sparring partner in strategic dialogues and embeds trend-based stress testing in the strategic thinking and planning of an organisation.

Just imagine what value and insights such an approach could have offered the many enterprises that have been disrupted in their core businesses over the last decade, partly due to strategic short-sightedness or overreliance on known business drivers as well as risks. Trends-based emerging risk identification is not a silver bullet, but it is an essential pillar of robust risk management and a future-proofing mindset in an organisation.

Who should attend?
Professionals involved in working with risk management or strategy, would benefit from exploring the strategic aspects of risk and the risky nuances of strategic planning.

Course facilitators

Lasse Jonasson is Director and Head of Advisory and Daria Krivonos is CEO at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS). Lasse and Daria both have a background in strategic, operational, financial and project-oriented risk management as well as long-term strategy and planning processes, in an array of sectors and industries. Prior to joining CIFS, Lasse headed the risk functions of NETS, ATP and a subsidiary of Credit Agricole. Daria has been the head of the Enterprise Risk Management team for the A.P. Møller-Mærsk Group.

Practical details

The course will take one full day and be conducted as a workshop, consisting of presentations and group work facilitated by Lasse and Daria.

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DKK 7.500 + VAT per person (EUR 1.000 per person), incl. breakfast, lunch, refreshments and course material.

  • Members: 15% discount
  • Subscribers to Scenario Knowledge package: 10% discount
  • Additional participants from the same organization: 10% discount


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