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Flavio Ferrari

Expert adviser in strategic planning, innovation, team development and implementation of decision processes, helping to simplify the present and build the future.

True believer in collaborative ventures recently left the position of CEO at IBOPE Media (Latin America leader on market and media research company) to be create his on “holding” of initiatives, UNIT34, and be partner of Sevendots (www.sevendots.com), Qual Canal (www.qualcanal.tv), Olistiki (www.olistiki.com.br) and develop a MBA in Competitive Intelligence with IBOPE Educação (first one on-line in Brazil, now moving to São Paulo Business Scholl as “classroom” model).

During his whole professional life he was dedicated to learn and share, teaching at Universities, participating on several symposia (as programme committee member and/or speaker) and professional associations, also publishing many papers related to social trends, business and communication.

He helps to create and was member of the board of the “Instituto Paulo Montenegro”, a nonprofit organization that aims to develop and implement innovative educational projects that contribute to the quality of education – started in Brasil and now going to other Latin-¬‐American countries (www.ipm.org.br).

At global CIFS, he aggregates the ability of trend scouting and application to business development, and the knowledge of Latin America cultures and markets.

For the local operation (Brazil) he will promote CIFS business through his network and helping to establish relevant partnerships.

Languages: Portuguese (native), English and Spanish

Flavio Ferrari

Mechanical Production Engineer (IEEP)
Associated Partner, Sao Paulo

Telephone: +55 11 6610 1727
E-mail: ff@cifs.dk


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